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With their maximum working temperature of up to 300 °C and forced air circulation, Nabertherm drying ovens achieve excellent temperature uniformity. They can be used for a variety of tasks in the laboratory, e.g. B. drying, sterilization or warm storage. Short delivery times from stock are guaranteed for standard models.


The horizontal air circulation of the drying cabinet ensures high drying performance and a quick heating-up time. Maximum temperature consistency is achieved even when the drying cabinets are fully loaded. The drying cabinets for the laboratory area, such as TR 30 - TR 420 have a compact design as table models, while the models TR 450 and TR 1050 are designed as standing models. There are also the TR .. LS drying oven models, which are designed with safety technology in accordance with EN 1539 for batches containing solvents.

Feeding from several shelves is possible with slide-in shelves. The interior of the drying ovens is made of stainless steel material no. 1.4301. Regardless of whether you want to harden, bake, store, test or inspect material, almost all heat treatments and drying processes that you want to carry out in your laboratory can be carried out thanks to the drying oven.


The Nabertherm drying oven is precise and easy to operate and is therefore not only suitable for working in the laboratory. All models can be expanded to meet quality requirements according to AMS2750G or FDA and are therefore suitable for processing high-quality materials in the aerospace industry. In addition, the Nabertherm drying ovens can also be used in additive manufacturing processes, such as drying powders or curing plastics.

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Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard kilns/furnaces and plants for many different areas of application. The modular design of our products means it is possible to find a solution in many areas to your particular problem without the necessity of costly conversion and modification. And, if none of our standard kilns or furnaces meets your requirements, then we will gladly develop a kiln, furnace or complete plant specially tailor-made to your needs.

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